Increase Height Surgery

Another way to improve your height is by increase height surgery. This process is also called as cosmetic limb lengthening surgery. This is a complicated process that has been commonly done on children to correct leg lengths which are not proportional. This is also another choice for people who are stricken with dwarfism in order to improve their height. In fact, there are a lot of people who are wondering if limb lengthening surgery is likely.

Here are the facts: increase height surgery or limb lengthening surgery has been carried out successfully for around fifty years in Russia. The concept of limb lengthening had been developed by Gavriil Ilizarov after World War II left a lot of veteran soldiers with leg fractures that did not completely heal.

Ilizarov developed an outside fixation frame that is to be placed around the patient’s leg. Knowing the fact that when a fracture is compressed, the bone will be stimulated to healing, he made a frame that had this power. Ilirazov asked the patient to steadily compress the non-union by rotating a rod. Unfortunately, the patient turned it wrongly, so that it resulted to a fracture distraction.

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Ilizarov was astonished to discover the creation of a new bone in the space between the bone ends. This prompted the need to do more research on this and lead to the discovery of limb lengthening surgery or increase height surgery and that it is probable, safe and effective.

Ilizarov and his other associates in his field have performed a lot of increase height surgery in Russia. However, Russian politics made educating and communicating with the Western countries rather difficult. In due course, some Italian surgeons have performed and improved the limb lengthening surgery in the early part of the 80s and later, a huge medical center then developed in Italy. In the year 1988, the first ever limb lengthening surgery was done in the United States. At the start, there were a lot of doubts about the operation yet it has been proven to be rather a successful process.

Increase height surgery is performed using general anesthesia. In this method, the equipment of external fixation is applied. This usually takes about 40-50 minutes. The patient will then use crutches for this period of time. During the fifth day of surgery, elongation is started by the use of dosage adjustments of the nuts in the fixation device.

The device is then removed from the concerned extremity after some period of time during which the bone is said to regenerate and thicken. During the same time, surgical procedures on the patient’s lower extremities are done individually and successively within a 3 to 4 month period.

The target height increase of 6 to 7 cm will usually take 10 months for people undergoing increase height surgery. For the period of the treatment, the patient could either do his usual activities or walk using crutches. The largest height increase expected is 7 to 9 cm. The patient’s age could vary between 16 to 60 years of age.