Yoga Increase Height



There are numerous exercises that effectively enhance one’s height. It is a known fact that majority wants to have a taller stature. If you want to be an athlete, policeman, model, or a public service crew, added height is a clear advantage. Yoga is one of these exercises that let you achieve maximum height potential. It is important to know these yoga increase height exercises.

You don’t need to involve yourself in expensive surgery promising instant results but effecting slow recovery. You don’t need to buy exaggerated height enhancement pills to achieve added height. Yoga increase height exercises can be the key to vertical growth. Yoga is a good form of exercise. Yoga increase height routines have no side effects and are easy to perform as long as you are dong it right.

An effective yoga increase height exercise is easily achieved while in supine position. Lie flat on the floor. While doing this, simultaneously extend your left foot to the right direction and extend your right foot to the left. Do this carefully. Rest for awhile once your muscles feel tired.

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Another effective yoga increase height routine is achieved while in prone position. Clip your hands and feet to your body. While maintaining this position, lift your legs up but keep your thighs on the ground. Move your hands to meet the toes. If you can, hold your legs and maintain in this position for awhile until you feel your muscles are tired.

Ardha Kurmasana or Half tortoise asana is a recommended exercise. This yoga position imitates the tortoise pose. Ardha Kurmasana heals the body from backache and spine problems. Areas of your body that will be benefited from this position are arms, hips, thighs, legs and spine. It elongates the spine which is necessary for height enhancement.

Bhujangasana is another recommended yoga position. This one mimics the cobra. While lying on your chest and stomach, clip your hands and feet to your body. Raise your head up in the air while keeping the rest of your body to the ground. Bhujangasana gives the spine a powerful stretch. Stretching gives each vertebra a rich supply of blood necessary for bone growth.

Dandayamana Janushirasana or spine twisting asana stretches your back’s muscles and ligaments. While standing, lift one leg up. The leg should be at least 90 degrees away from the other leg. Slowly put your head unto the raised knee. Maintain this position until your muscles are tired. This position is not only for height enhancement but for the firming of thigh and abdomen muscles also.

A simpler yoga position is the sukahasana pose. It is otherwise known as sit/easy position. It combines muscle and breathing techniques. It gives strength to your lower back and flexes the groin and hips. While standing, curb your body a little while coordinating it with the breathing. When performing yoga increase height exercises, it is important to note that you should not overdo it. If you overdo it, you give more harm than good to your body. Cease your exercise once your muscles ache.